The World's
Original All-Aluminum

Pinewood Derby® Track

The Ultimate Track for Pinewood Racing!

Notice for Summer 2024

Ordering is currently limited and may be unavailable, now and through the months of June and July.

Check our website in July for updates to our shipping schedule.

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BestTrack is the Original All-Aluminum Track for Pinewood Derby, Awana Grand Prix, Royal Rangers, and Girls' Fast Track races!


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our
'Original Design'
Stop System

Similar stop systems on other tracks are just an imitation!

All Tracks Include: Standard Starting Gate, Start Lanes Stand, and our Stop System shown above. See The Video!

will bring the "WOW" factor to your racing event!

BestTrack is used worldwide by Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby, Girl Scouts, STEM, STEAM, AWANA Grand Prix, Royal Rangers, racing leagues, and more!


Champ Timer

Designed especially for your BestTrack Pinewood Derby Track.


The DragMaster® Light Tree

DragMaster Light Tree 


The DragMaster Light Tree is free-standing, measures 32 inches tall, with 8 inch wide cross arms featuring LED lights, and has a 10 inch wide base plate.

You can use the DragMaster Light Tree with a manual release start gate or a remote start gate.


The pairing of our patented Convertible Split Start Gate with the DragMaster Light Tree creates a great drag racing event!

It even red-lights a false start!



DragMaster Convertible Split Start Gate

Split Start Gate  Split Start Gate

Our patented Convertible Split Start Gate converts easily from a split start gate to a single start gate in seconds.

To use as a split start gate, simply remove the connecting link! No need to remove and replace between two separate start gates!

Pair with the DragMaster Light Tree for a great drag racing event!

Split Start Gate available for all BestTrack track sizes!

Optional BestTrack Leveling Kit

The optional Leveling Kit, shown at left on the stand assembly, will help level your track on uneven floors.

Leveling feet are provided for all sections of the track.

Poly feet won't harm your floors!




Optional BestTrack Lift/Leveling Kit

Elevate your track off of the floor for better viewing!

Each leg has a threaded leveling foot that can be adjusted for uneven floors.

Track shown below with optional Lift/Leveling Kit.


BestTrack® Aluminum Tracks vs. Plastic Tracks


This is a rigid, tough, smooth track. No plastic tubes, no strings or cords, no weights to hang and no flexible lanes that need support between joints with pieces of wood like other aluminum tracks.
There is no stronger track!


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This is a picture of our curve section.

Our 48" radius curve section is formed on custom bending machinery for the best fit and consistency!  


Track Strength
This is a single lane of BestTrack.
 No other track can support as much weight** as ours without damage. More...

Why We Don't Anodize More...


Our track can be assembled by one person in 15-20 minutes after initial assembly!

See Our Assembly Videos!


Super Loop
For additional fun following your race, add the Super Loop! Installs easily in minutes.

See The Video! 

Space Derby  Tracks
Space Derby Track
Display Stands

Display Stands

Our all aluminum Space Derby  Track will ensure a fun, fair race. Complete with start tower, start gate, and finish tower. Click here for more information. Car Carriers

Car Carriers
Colored vinyl tape adds bold colors to identify your organization. Click here for more information.

Bag Toss Game 

BestToss® is a great
pre-event, side-event and post-event activity for your race day!
Great event for all ages!

AND it's convertible!

Our unique design is the Original All Aluminum Track.
It's strong, lightweight, and the joints are smooth due to our proprietary extrusion design with 3/16" diameter registration pins between sections.  This ensures a fast and FAIR race. No more "fast lanes" or cars jumping off halfway down the track.


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We designed BestTrack with Cub Scout and other organizations standards in mind. It has the standard 3-1/2" wide lane width with 1/4" high center guide rails. Notice that we cleared out the area in the middle of the rail for additional ground clearance to help out the occasional scout who puts his weights under his car. Each lane interlocks with the next lane due to our exclusive "nesting" ridges on the sides of the extrusions. End to end registration is assured by  3/16" diameter registration dowel pins at each joint. The most accurate alignment system available.

Rubber pads are included to protect your floor and to provide a stable and secure race track.  We can pre-punch your track for the most popular timer systems, at no extra charge. Please let us know if you don't want it punched. (Please note that we punch only the sensor holes. You may need to drill additional holes to mount your timer.) 

Contact Information

Please call or e-mail us for more information. Please order early as delivery could take a little longer during the busy season (October through April). Get in line for the finest Pinewood Derby Track available!


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