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If you have any questions regarding the use or need of added accessories to BestTrack®, please contact us at 641-585-2299 or by email at

Track Lengths - Back To Top

How long is my existing track? Track Specs Link

What is the racing distance or actual dimensions of my track? Track Specs Link

We have 3 different lengths of track available: 35ft., 42ft., and 49ft.. The most popular length of track is the 42ft. track followed by the 35ft. and then the 49ft. track. The Cub Scouts do not have an "official" length.

Our tracks are expandable, so you can add more racing lanes or length in the future. These are called our conversions and extensions and the current pricing for these products is under the link 'Track Prices'.

The main benefit to having a 42' track over a 35' track is the cars will space apart from each other more before crossing the finish line on a 42'. If you have a timer on the track, that will help in determining close finishes.

The 42' track will have 4 of the 7 foot long straight sections after the curve. The distance from the starting pin to the end of the finish lane on a 42' track is approximately 37'9". Typically timers are set in about 10 to 12 inches from the end of the finish lane, so the racing distance will vary depending upon where you place the timer. Track Specs Link.

The length of our track includes the stop section. All straight sections are 84" long (7ft.) and the curve section is 41" (almost 3-1/2 ft.). The stop section is 40" long. Our starting gate is approximately 4ft. from the floor.

Our curve section has a smooth 4ft. radius. When laid on it's face for storage, the highest point stands about 5-1/2 inches. Our CNC hydraulically formed curve section is 41" long.

Semi-Trucks - Back To Top
We offer a 12" extension to the top of the track to allow use with your rigs. They are listed as Semi-Truck extensions on our ordering page.

Assembly Time - Back To Top
The first time you assemble your track allow at least a couple of hours, more for bigger tracks with more lanes.  The second and subsequent times you set up your track it will take only 15-20 minutes because you will leave it partially assembled. I recently set up a 4-lane 42ft. track with timer for a local race by myself in about 15 minutes.

Recommended tools for first time assembly:
Hammer, carpenter’s square, screwdrivers (both flat & Phillips), 7/16" socket wrench* or adjustable wrench*, 2 pair of pliers*.

*The only tools typically needed for 2nd & subsequent assembly.

Durability - Back To Top
Our aluminum track is very durable. It is made from heat treated & tempered 6063 alloy T-5 aluminum extruded to our specifications. The track is strong enough to stand on, though we don't recommend it since it will get dirty.  

Why we don't Anodize - Back To Top
The benefit you would get from anodizing is very small and not practical when compared to the extra cost. Due to the existing superior strength of our track, there would be minimal benefit from anodizing.  Removal of fingerprints may also be a minimal benefit, but we feel a quick wipe down with Simple Green is more practical than increasing the cost of the track. Removing scratches is impossible on an anodized track.

Aluminum vs. Plastic - Back To Top
Plastic can become brittle and degrade over time. Plastic tracks may require messing with the joints and bending out the edges of the lanes so the wheels won't catch at the joint. BestTrack will not crack, warp, or fade. Also, BestTrack's patented stop section is the safest and most effective stop section on the market. The cars glide smoothly onto a textured rubber surface often stopping the cars in 9-10 inches. One competitor has a foam "garage" which could potentially rip off side mirrors, antennas or other fine car details. The BestTrack aluminum track also has a lifetime warranty.

What's included - Back To Top
Our tracks come complete with a stand at the start gate area that elevates the track approximately 4ft. off the floor creating the slope, a manual release start gate, and the patented stop section at the end of the track that stops the cars. You can assemble our track and run a race.

Pricing - Back To Top
The pricing of the track depends on the size of track, and all of our current pricing can be found under the link 'Track Prices'. The product shipping cost is also shown on this link. There is no sales tax if you are located outside of the state of Iowa.

Discounts - Back To Top
We do not offer discounts on our products. We keep the same price for everyone and keep the price consistent year round, we do not raise and lower the prices at certain times of the year. This gives everyone the same opportunity without the pressure of trying to meet a pricing deadline date.

Colored Tape - Back To Top
Colored tape is 1” wide and is placed in the 1” space between the track rail guides. The colored tape is similar to electrical tape, but it is usually ” wide in stores. There is 60 yards on one roll, enough to do a couple of lanes.

Painting the Track - Back To Top
We do not recommend painting any surface that the wheels of the car will touch.  Painting the top surface where the wheels ride could cause one lane to run faster or slower than another.

Storing your track - Back To Top
The track will not fit back into the original shipping boxes once assembled. We ship each lane nested with another lane to save you on shipping costs. When the track is assembled it is bolted into lane groupings with each lane attached to the one beside it. You will not want to disassemble the track that far after the race. You will want to leave the track assembled in 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 lane groupings each 7ft. long. Some packs have built storage cases from plywood. A case is not necessary if you have a safe location you can stack or stand on end the sections of track. If stood on end, we recommend tying the sections to something solid to keep them from falling over. You can also put a layer of cardboard or other padding between sections to avoid scratching the surface of the track.

We do not sell a pre-assembled storage box because it is less expensive for you to have your group build it themselves. We do have a link that is called 'Storage Box Plans'. These plans are free for you to use to build a storage box for your track. The track does not have to be in a storage box, but it does help to keep all the parts in one location.

Cleaning - Back To Top
We like the product called Simple Green. It does a great job of removing hand oil and graphite from the track surface. Other spray cleaners can be used, just make sure they do not contain ammonia.

To clean the stop section, gently brush off, or vacuum off, the stop tape. Do not use any cleaners on the stop section rubber tape, not even soap and water.

Stop Section - Back To Top
We do not recommend using our stop system on any track except a BestTrack because the height & width of the stop lanes will not match up properly with wooden or other tracks. The stop section needs to sit lower than your track to allow the cars to glide onto it.

Champ Timer - Back To Top
The Champ aluminum framed timer features a double-sided LED display which shows the placement on the front and back side of the timer, the elapsed time is displayed simultaneously on the front side of the timer under the placement, it includes a 50' serial computer cable, it is wired and activated for computer interface, it has a 50’ start switch/reset switch cable, and the start switch and reset switch mounting brackets are included.

The Champ Timer is completely assembled and ready to mount to your track, it is not a kit. We built our Champ Timer with no options. Options that you can add to other timers, we built standard on the Champ.

The Champ Timer is not expandable; most of the timers on the market are not. If you are planning on adding racing lanes to your track at a later time, you may want to get the larger timer now with the smaller track. Just let us know this is what you are planning and we will provide you with 6” pieces of track called “spacers” to cover the unused timer sensors. This allows easy mounting of the larger timer to the track.

You can purchase race management software that helps keep track of your race results. The software can also be used with a timer, and the timer will send the results to the computer. The Champ Timer does not require race management software, but it can be added if you want the software program to keep track of your race results.

Other Timers - Back To Top
You may already have a timer from a previous track or buy one of the other timers listed on our links page.
Spacing between the timer sensors needs to be 3.5 inches for the holes we punch. The size of the sensor hole is not as much of an issue, you can ream the hole to be a little larger if one of the three holes we punch is not large enough. If the sensor spacing is off just a little from the 3.5 inches, you should drill your own holes, which is not difficult to do in the track. The flat center area between the rail guides where the holes are drilled is 1 inch wide. The overall lane width is 3.5 inches.

If you order a timer from Smartline, Microwizard (FastTrack) or The Judge, just tell them you are ordering a BestTrack aluminum track and how many lanes and how long. They will know what to send you. All of these companies have developed special versions of their timer or special mounting brackets just for our track. The lane width of our track is 3.50" as is the center of lane to center of lane distance. The sidewalls of the track are about 1-1/8" tall. The center wheel guide is 1/4" tall by 1-5/8" wide. This track was designed to follow Cub Scout and other groups standard recommended track design dimensions.

Printable Literature - Back To Top
For your convenience we provide a link 'Printable Literature'. This information is provided for you to print and distribute to others in your organization.

Shipping - Back To Top
We ship via UPS. We do not require signature for delivery. You will receive tracking numbers from UPS to the e-mail address you provided on your order. All tracks ship in 2 to 6 boxes. The curves ship in one box along with most of the small parts. This box is about 5" X 12" X 42" and weighs from 23 lbs. to 36 lbs. depending on the size of track. The long sections ship in one of three sizes of boxes depending on the number of straight sections. The smaller of these three boxes is 5" X 6" X 84" and usually weighs 30 lbs. The largest box is 5" X 11" X 84" and can weigh up to 50 lbs. We keep all boxes under 50 lbs. for ease of handling.

If you have shipping damage call or e-mail us right away. We will send out a replacement if needed.  We insure every shipment.  We want to make sure that you have a perfect track!   

Payment Info - Back To Top
If you fax or mail your order form, we accept Pack checks or other organizational or business checks, and money orders. If you order online we can take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, electronic checks or any other form of payment that PayPal accepts through their web site including direct transfers from a PayPal account. You do not need to have or create a PayPal account to use the on-line ordering.

Timer Troubleshooting-Back To Top

If you have a “c” in one or more lanes, this means that the lower sensor cannot see the infrared LED light shining down on the track from the upper part of the timer. Check to see if the lower sensor is completely set into the hole on the track and pointing straight up. Check to make sure that no debris is blocking the sensor. Look at the LED light that shines down on to the track and make sure it is pointing straight down and did not get pushed up into the aluminum housing; the LED can be gently repositioned if needed. The LED light should be about flush with the bottom surface of the extrusion that it is shining through.


Check to see that no wires were pinched when the timer was mounted. Was a nut put on the 1” long mounting bolt before the timer was attached? This nut provides clearance for the sensor wires (see page 4).


If the first car is showing a “0.000” elapsed time on a race, the timer is not receiving the start signal from the start switch. Check to make sure the start switch/reset cable is plugged in all of the way. Also, check to make sure the start switch lever is fully depressed and that you can hear it “click” when the start gate is put up into the “ready to race” position. You may need to slightly bend the metal lever of the start switch down towards the floor so that it contacts the start gate sooner. The middle connector of the start switch should not be connected, see first diagram shown on page 7 of the timer manual.

Replacement Power Supply Specs: 12Volt DC, Center Contact Positive, 500 milliamps minimum for 2,3 & 4 lane timers, 800 milliamps minimum for 6 & 8 lane timers.
Do not us a power supply higher than 12V DC with the Champ Timer.

Do NOT use any device directly attached to the track that uses 110V power or higher. Use only devices with 24V DC or less that run off of a wall mounted or stand alone UL listed power supply to reduce the voltage.

Recommended weight limit per racing vehicle, not to exceed 25 ounces.