Electromagnetic Starting System
Engineered to work with any of the Aluminum "BestTrack" Models

1 lane 20' test tracks all the way up to the 8 lane 49' Speedways

If you already own a "Besttrack" or thinking of getting one, this System will work for you

Comes complete with all the necessary hardware... No additional parts to modify or purchase

Only 1 drilled hole is needed to hook up the linkage... Easy installation... up and running in a short time

Comes in 3 Anodized and Etched Colors..... Black, Blue and Red 
Also comes Equipped with a Red power led light that lets you know your ready to go
Safe and user friendly... Low Voltage, only 12 volts... No batteries required

Built in starting button and 50' extension cable with thumb switch to start the race anywhere in the room

Have a Scout race and want some fun for the kids, give them the thumb switch and let them start the race
If you're a Pro League Racer or a Weekend Wonder then The "E S S" is the right choice for you

Also fun for the whole family... even Grandma can start the show...

Time Tested... Race Prov-en ... Designed for you in mind... Built by Racers for Racers

"Get Equipped... Edge Equipped..."
# E S S #